Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reasons I love my lab.

Gosh, I really suck at this whole blogging thing, don't I? I get so annoyed when I see a blogger say she's finally back and then that post remains the only post she writes for weeks. Hypocrite party of 1, hi!

I will say, I've written a few and then never have the energy to go back and insert pictures....#firstworldproblems. Also, most of my ideas center around Hudson and I'm not sure how long I'll keep you guys here if I can't find anything else to talk about other than my dog. 

But alas, today's post is about that crazy yellow lab we call our son....

It's another therapy day for me. I need this post, so I can come back to it when Hudson is driving me mad (75% of the time still) and remind myself that he's not all bad.

The pure joy that shows on his face when I walk in the door after a long day at work. You would think he hadn't seen me in weeks. No one has ever been that excited to see me when I get home (except our last family dog). I just want to squeeze him for hours when he's that happy (but he won't let me).

He keeps the weight off. I know this one probably doesn't make much sense, but let me explain. When I lost all the weight for the wedding, I told myself I wouldn't gain it all back. Well, before we got Hudson I was this close to hitting that number on the scale that I refused I'd go over aka I'd have to start watching what I was eating again. 

Well, when Hudson showed up, I stopped eating. Ok, not really, but seriously - I ate very little those first couple of weeks, especially on days I worked from home. He won't let you eat in peace and if he was sleeping, I didn't want to move for fear of waking him up. So I'd just starve.

Nowadays, I generally eat a reasonably healthy breakfast most days, an unhealthy lunch and then I might have a snack for dinner, but rarely a full dinner. This has made it next to impossible to inch my way back up to that dreaded number on the scale. Although don't talk to me next week when we come back from the beach and 4 full days Hudsonless time which means lots of time to eat (especially considering my husband loves food tours).

He keeps me active. To go along with the above, I take no less than 1-2 walks every day. I try to make each one an hour. Pre-Hudson/post-wedding, the most activity I got was walking to and from my car. Also, binge tv sessions are no longer. Even if I'm not walking around, I'm not laying horizontal when Hudson's awake most days. And sitting still for longer than 5 minutes when he's awake is rare. I get maybe 1 hour of quiet Hudsonless time each weekday before I'm ready to crash from the exhausting work day and evening. 

My parents now have a grandchild they've been longing for. I doubt this will keep them at bay for long, especially since said grandchild bites them, but it's a start, right?

I've learned that I do have what it takes to be a mom. Sometimes my mom does things for me and I think "would I do that if I were a mom?". I now think I'm pretty certain I would do just about anything to make my child happy, just seeing the lengths I go to for Hudson on a regular basis - like walks in the rain and doing anything I can to wear him out. 

He makes me laugh. Sure, it's usually when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing and I should be telling him no instead, but we all know he doesn't listen to no. Also, I couldn't get funny pictures like these if I just made him stop immediately (and I wonder why he's bad.....).

Anything you have to remind yourself of when you're dog is being bad?

Thanks for entertaining another Hudson filled post! I promise to come back with something other than him soon.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Guess who's back? Back again.

Oh hi! Remember me? Probably not. It's been so long since I started typing a sentence on this page, I can't imagine anyone still comes here. But let's test the waters, why don't we?

1. Life. Life has been pretty darn exhausting and challenging this past month and a half or so. Between a new puppy, work, my Grandma being in the hospital and JC and my opposite schedules, life hasn't been the most fun it's ever been, that's for sure.

But it's not all storm clouds and I didn't come here to ramble on about how terrible my life is because it certainly isn't. My Grandma is on the mend, work has been stressful, but I'm being rewarded, Hudson can be amazing at times and JC's schedule will be changing soon. So it's all going to be ok, right? RIGHT.

2. Hudson. Shew. I know people tell you how hard puppies are, but I think it's one of those things that you never truly understand until you're in the thick of it. And anyone who's had an easy puppy or gotten a dog when they are a little older will never understand this next statement, but they are 100% like having a child - a toddler if you will. 

We've officially had Hudson for 7 weeks tomorrow. He now weighs 30lbs, is mostly potty trained (except for those times he decides he doesn't want to tell us he needs to go out & just pees standing in front of us on the rug...then continues to pee as I carry him down the stairs - FUN), knows how to sit, stay (but absolutely hates that one) and go down, he'll be fully vaccinated in just a little over a week and he's one of the smartest pups I've ever encountered.

We're still trying to master the art of riding in the car without barking to the high heavens and walking instead of pulling. He wants to run 100 miles an hour down the street and this gal right here doesn't love that idea. We got him a new harness made to combat pulling and he's a million times better (and I'm thankful a million times over he's only 30lbs right now). He chooses to come when he pleases - rarely when he's outside eating all the mulch. And he's already had 2 emergency trips to the vet - one the first night we brought him home when he fell down the stairs (was fine by the time we got there) and then last week when he was having some stomach issues, not drinking water and being extremely calm more often than not (you wish for it & then it happens...). All is well now, thankfully and hopefully we're done with the worrisome parts for awhile. 

Despite all the craziness he exudes, he is extremely sweet and loving. He gets SO excited when one of us gets home and he haaaates when we immediately go upstairs to change because we're obviously never coming back. He loves to play ball (and I love when the ball gets stuck at the top of the stairs & he has to go get it - this wears him out quick!), he pretends he's always hungry (you should see how crazy he acts when we so much as say "dinner"), he has these bouts of extreme craziness where he runs around in circles like an absolute maniac for a solid 5 minutes and so far he's lost 4 teeth (and his parents are waiting for the moment the vet said would come when we look down and he has no teeth in his mouth ;)).

It's definitely been a trying 7 weeks, but I know it'll be worth every last frustration sooner or later (Hudson, if you're reading - we prefer sooner). 

3. Work. Life at work has definitely been pretty intense. My boss started working on some new projects back in December which slowly turned into a new department and she was promoted about a month or so ago. This meant her job was now open and I was promoted last week officially. Great news, of course and I'm so thankful. But I'll be even more thankful when we have someone to fill my old position. When a team of two becomes a team of one for a solid 4 months, it's tiring and stressful. Not to mention, this happened right smack dab in the middle of some crazy projects that have taken every last ounce of energy I have (which isn't much due to item #2 above). 

4. JC. As I mentioned, JC's crazy schedule will soon be changing. He just recently accepted a new job that will give him normal working hours and a steady schedule as opposed to his current job where he has a different start time everyday (between 12am-4am), works 60+ hours/week and is pretty miserable every day he comes home. The even brighter side of it all is that he will have 1 week off in between the two jobs and we're are going to take a much needed getaway for an extra long weekend. We have no idea where we'll go - likely somewhere within driving distance (severely limits the options), but we know that we will finally get to spend some quality time together and have multiple nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep because Hudson will be vacationing at his grandparent's house :)

If anyone has some ideas for a good place to go, driving distance (4 hours or less) from Northern Virginia, I'm all ears!

5. This blog. I went and made this blog private a couple weeks ago because I was quite certain I'd never come back to this space again. Then all the craziness of life came to a head this week and I thought hey, maybe I should get some free therapy and blog about it. Not to mention, I miss talking to all of you! So here I am. I'm not sure how long I'll stay, but I'd like for it to be awhile. Let's just hope the creative part of my brain allows me to do so!

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope you guys are in for as gorgeous of a weekend as Virginia is!

Friday, February 20, 2015

2 + 1 = 3

It's been quite some time since I've posted something on this here blog that has nothing to do with a wedding. 

Well, I've got good news for you. I've got a post that is not wedding related in the slightest! Wahooooo!

Today marks the last day JC & I are no longer a family of 2. No, I'm not delivering a baby tomorrow. If you follow me on Instagram you know what I'm talking about, but if not, let me start from the beginning..

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted a puppy. I grew up with dogs in my house at all times, usually more than one. Our last family pup passed away 4 years ago this past January and I can safely say, I still imagine him running up to me when I visit my parent's house. Obviously that doesn't happen and I get a little sad each time. Who doesn't love a puppy greeting?! 

Last year I almost got a dog at an adoption event at the local Petco, but JC was adamant that we couldn't get a dog and I didn't want to go against his wishes - we all know where that would lead and I would hope that he'd do the same if the roles were reversed. 

So every once in awhile I bring up a puppy - birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Tuesdays....

Then, a few weeks back, JC tells me that someone on FB has a "perfect puppy" available for adoption. He shows me this adorable yellow lab and I die a little inside. So, I do what any red blooded American female does, I proceed to beg him to contact the girl to get more info and let her know we're interested. He tells me he'll think about.

I come home the next day to ask what he thought and he says "the cons outweigh the only pro - getting a dog would be fun!". Grrrr. So I tell him to please never mention a perfect, available dog again, if we can't have him. I tried to stop thinking about said puppy, but I couldn't.

Unlike usual, I couldn't stop bringing up the puppy idea. We even went to an adoption event at another Petco that following weekend and I was overwhelmed. So many people, very few pups and what pups they did have just looked incredibly sad and scared to death. We left and I began to pout.

If talking wasn't going to convince JC, pouting would definitely do the trick (only because I could tell he was coming closer to the light side). 

Just a few hours later, I woke up from a nap to JC asking "so on a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want a dog?" and my response was "25!!!!!!!!". That's when he made all my dreams come true and said we could get a puppy!

Obviously, I spent the next couple of days scouring the internet for rescues that met our criteria - yellow, male lab puppy. Not the easiest to find - especially when you're impatient. 

I came home that following Monday to JC telling me that he wanted a pure bred dog. Sorry, animal activists. We both definitely understand the pros of getting a rescue puppy, but the heart wants what the heart wants. So then I changed gears and started researching breeders. I found one nearby, filled out their questionnaire and shortly after got an email saying our answers were "perfect for a puppy". They said they could call me the next day. I gave them my availability and then waited.

And waited. And waited some more. Around lunch time on Tuesday I was getting impatient, especially since I had no idea if these people had any pups available at the time. So I started Googling some more, filling out more questionnaires and Googling even more. Around page 2 or 3 of my Google search, I found Covenant Farm Puppies. 

It appeared they had a recent litter with 2 yellow male puppies available. However, I couldn't tell how often they updated their site. They didn't require a questionnaire to be filled out - just needed to confirm that someone could be at home with the pup the majority of the day. This is basically the only time JC's terrible overnight schedule has a been a plus.

Not long after I emailed them, I got a reply that they did in fact still have 2 males left and with a deposit I could have the pick of the 2. Shortly after that, deposit was paid and we were scheduled to make the 3 hour trek to pick out our new son!

JC was partial to one of the 2. I didn't really have a preference and I didn't want to make a decision based on pictures. I'm a firm believer that pups generally pick you!

And boy did he. When we got there Saturday, they sat the 2 down and we couldn't see their tags to know which was 7 and which was 8. So I just stuck my hand out to see which came. This adorable little thing came right over, licked my hand and went from timid to fun and crazy (emphasis on that second adjective) within 5 seconds. I looked at his tag - #8, the one JC was partial to!

The other one was obviously adorable and he was extremely chill. I don't think he moved more than 6 inches the whole time. If he wasn't sitting up staring at the wall, he was laying down relaxing. This was all while our chosen pup was crawling over top of him, chewing on everything in sight (my hair, jeans, jacket, some wood, the electrical cord for a lamp, potpourri...you name it!). Clearly #7 was the safer of the 2, likely much easier to handle, but #8 just had a personality you couldn't ignore. 

While we were playing with the puppy, the breeder proceeds to tell us that another lady who inquired about the 2 shortly after us that same day was trying to bribe him to let her pay more that day, so she could have the pick of the 2. He told her that's not how he does business - she wouldn't be too happy if she was expecting to get to pick and then was given what was left after the fact. He kept her pick a secret until we made our final decision. 

So once we firmly agreed that we wanted #8, we found out that's the one the sneaky lady wanted too. I've got one word for ya, lady. KARMA! Although I'm sure #7 will be the most amazing, easily trainable pup!

So after that very lengthy blog post about how it came to be - allow me to introduce to you, Hudson Ehredt. The cutest yellow lab puppy you ever did see - born on Christmas day. 

Needless to say, I cannot wait for tomorrow to come, so I can squeeze this precious babe for many years to come!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#bestdayever: post-ceremony pictures.

Once we said "I do" and sealed it with a kiss, it was time for a few more bridal shots, family pictures and more pictures with just JC & I. 

Going into wedding weekend, my plan was to only have family pictures left to take after the ceremony. My plan was ultimately foiled, but I'm so thankful that it was because these are some of my favorite pictures. There's not much better than that glowy light around 5:00 in early Fall. 

Also, I'm apologizing in advance if some of these are repeats. I should have planned accordingly, but oh well.

*all pictures courtesy of Ward Photography 


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