Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Who said it?

Last week I told you alllll about my fantastic, out of a magazine bridal shower. Feel free to go relive it with me again. 

During my shower, we played a handful of games - some I've played before and some I hadn't. One of them I requested in some way shape or form. I've always loved the games where the bride & groom answer the same questions. I didn't necessarily care what happened with those questions. I just wanted to play the game!

Turns out I didn't really play the game, but I did participate by letting everyone know who said which answer after they'd all written their guess down by using the lips or the mustache. 

Katie asked us each about 30 questions and then she chose like 20 to use for the game. Without further adieu...our questions/answers. Obviously blue indicates JC and pink indicates me!

What is your favorite color? Mint…betcha didn’t see that one coming. // Blue.

What is your least favorite food? Anything I’ve never tried before. // Anything organic.

What first attracted you to JC/Samantha? It definitely wasn’t the white sunglasses on his head at the wedding….probably how open he was, didn’t play games and never made me feel the need to second guess things. // Her smile.

On our first date, I was most nervous about? Awkward silence // Doing something stupid.

When I think about our engagement, the thing I most remember is? JC staying down on one knee for quite a while before ever asking me the question – he just said “well??” and I said “well you haven’t asked me anything yet!”. // All the people in the bar clapping.

What was the moment you knew JC/Samantha was the one? There isn’t really a specific moment where I knew. After all that we went through in late 2010, it just became very evident, when it all worked out, that this was meant to be. // When she started doing my laundry.

If you could burn one thing in Samantha’s/JC’s closet would what it be? Those hideous camo shorts he recently had his Grandma alter pants to make. I can’t believe he wasted his Grandma’s time with those! // Her Ugg boots.

What is the best gift Samantha/JC has ever bought you? A Pizza Hut gift card & DVD of his favorite movie. Oh wait, you said best – my engagement ring. // My first handgun.

When was your first kiss? The Friday after John & Katie’s wedding. Let me get a calendar out – 9/11/09 ;) // The first Saturday night I went to visit her. (it was definitely a Friday!)

What is your favorite thing Samantha/JC cooks for you? Breakfast // Chocolate Chip Cookies.

What is the most annoying thing that Samantha/JC does? Clears his throat 17 times every single morning when he gets out of bed. // Throws clothes all over the spare bedroom.

In 5 years, I see us ___ ? In a new house with at least one puppy…// In a new house with the puppy she's always wanted. 

If you were an animal, which animal would you be? A puppy! // Grizzly bear.

If you could have any superpower what would it be? Teleportation // To be able to fly. (he hates to fly...)

What do you love most about JC/Samantha? His ability to solve problems and think outside the box. // That she is so nice.

If I had to pick two celebrities to play us in a movie, I would pick? Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper // Jennifer Aniston (he's obsessed) & Mark Wahlberg.(this one provided some laughs)

What is one thing you cannot live without? My phone // Oxygen.

If you moved to mars, what would you be doing there? Phoning home. // Trying to figure out how to get back to earth.

What is something most people don’t know about you? I love to gamble. // I have 2 different colored eyes.

Cost aside, what is the one thing (not a person) you would want to have at your wedding that you are not going to have? Videographer & bistro lighting – did you say just one thing? // Donut truck. (I thought he'd say live band - and I actually tried to surprise him with a donut truck, but the guy stopped responding to me & then we were too far over budget to add anything else)

What are your expectations for marriage? To always have someone to lean on when things get rough, knowing there’s not an easy way out. // To have fun & spend as much time together as possible.

What is one thing you will be sure to do on your wedding night? Kiss JC a million times and tell him I love him more than I ever have. // Have the best night of my life. 

What are you most nervous about on the wedding day? Being the center of attention // Anything not going as planned. (this one definitely made me smile because he knows how much work I've put into planning!)

What are you most excited about on the wedding day? Marrying JC and being able to celebrate that with all of our closest friends & family. // Having all my friends and family there on the best day of my life.

What is your most guilty pleasure? Trashy TV and fried food – together…. // Watching Real Housewives of Orange County.

Definitely some funny and of course some sap - sap that I didn't expect from JC because he's not usually one for words and romanticalness.

Something I randomly noticed when typing all this out - we both ended every answer with a period, even if it wasn't a complete sentence. #perfectmatch

Do you have any bridal shower games that you actually enjoy? Did you play this game & your groom surprised you like mine did?!

NC Belle In Boots
Wedding Wednesday

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

5 things I love about myself.

As I mentioned on Friday, my blogging brain isn't working, but I do love coming to this space on the daily, so if a link-up presents itself these days and I feel like I can fill a page, I'm gonna!

I'm joining Juliette, Allie & Faith again for another topic from their Blog Everyday in July link-up. 


This one is gonna be a little difficult. I'm supposed to tell you 5 things I love about myself. Five things I dislike about myself would be MUCH easier. But why? Girls are so hard on themselves.

Anyways, let's fill that glass up to half full today and put on our optimistic faces.

1. I love my timeliness. It is VERY rare that I am ever late to anything and if I am, it's 99.9% likely that it was out of my control like unexpected traffic on a random Wednesday at 9:52am on southbound 95. Because...why not?

I believe being on time is equivalent to being polite and having manners. Being late is basically telling someone that your time is more important than their time. I would rather be 30 minutes early than 30 seconds late. 

2. I love how observant I am. Although sometimes it can get me into trouble when I see things I shouldn't or figure out a surprise without even trying. It's very rare that I miss even the smallest detail, so if you're trying to hide something - do it in private (or at least not around me) because I'm probably going to notice it. Also, if you're trying to surprise me - don't hint at it in the slightest because within seconds I'll know everything (which I hate because I love surprises).

3. I love my hair. Sure it drives me nuts in the Summer when it gets all frizzy from the humidity, but I'm very lucky to have extremely healthy, thick hair that I can basically do anything to. Want it straight? No problem. Want some pretty curls? Give me the wand. Don't want to wash my hair for 5 days? The grease will stay far away, but fear that 6th day.

4.  My ability to plan. I'm most definitely the planner of my group of friends. Need logistics figured out? I've probably already started Googling. Need to find a hotel for the next bachelorette party? I made a list 6 months ago of the best hotels with all the costs at the time and to what they are closest. I love to plan. Hence my love for this whole wedding planning gig and my dream of one day doing it full time.

5. I love my creativity. I never really thought of myself as someone who's creative, but lately it's really come alive. I attribute that a lot to this blog (this coming from the girl who can't come up with her own topics as of late). This blog forces to me to be more creative. It has also given me additional outlets to find my creativity - like when I'm using to design our print for the wedding. I wish I understood PhotoShop & Illustrator, and also had both, because I'm positive I would spend hours on each.

Shew. That was very difficult! But, I did it! I can truly say I'm very happy with myself and my life these days. I'm a lucky girl who's surrounded by wonderful people who love and support me day in and day out.

Now tell me, what do you love about yourself?

Monday, July 28, 2014

20 Things Husbands of Bloggers Need to Know!

Happy Monday, Friends! Yes, I know that's an oxymoron, but let's hang out on the positive side of life today. K? K! Now that we've got that all squared away - my weekend. Short & sweet recap. Pinky promise.

My weekend was nothing short of fantastic.

Friday, I remained steady in trying to find cheap tickets to the Jason Aldean show at Nats Park. I also remained unsuccessful. When I woke up Saturday morning, I wasn't the least bit sad about not spending over $100 on tickets plus God only knows what on the food & beverages we would have consumed. I call that a win.

Saturday we had a scheduled day at the lake. I say scheduled because I requested this day a few weeks in advance, as it doesn't appear I'll have another free weekend to participate in lake life until September and then, well - Summer's over. But let's not go there just yet. Let's just look at a pretty double photo of my best friends.

Sunday I got to make another trip to my now second home, Charlottesville. This time for my makeup trial. Can I just offer some quick advice for all you brides? Don't spend 5 hours in the sun sans sunscreen and then expect to have flawless makeup the next day. Your sunglasses tan line and burnt cheeks will not be in your favor. Although the fake lashes will still look gorgeous (even if you have zero idea how to remove them). #imsonotagirlsometimes.

And that was that. See. Painless. Now I've got something fun for you! You may have notice a 2 Cats & Chloe banner ad at the end of my posts this past month. Well, Susan is one of my new blogging BFFs and she was so kind to sponsor me. We bonded initially over our love of glitter and her having my dream job of wedding planning. I mean does life get any perfect? I've loved getting to know her better these last 30ish days and today, we teamed up together to bring you a post about our husbands/future husbands. I'm quite certain all bloggers can relate - single or married. Let's get to it!

Disclaimer: we didn't read each other's list before we wrote our own, so now this way the hubsters know which ones are extra important to take note ;)

Susan says....

1  //  Yes, we do have to snap a picture of everything we eat, in all the phases of prepping, cooking, and eating.  You never know when it will be mentioned in a post.

2  //  Don't think we are crazy when we ask you to go click on our sponsored post to get your own free sample of pads.  A girls gotta get her clicks in.

3  //  Yes, we can be best friends with people across the country that we never talk to on the phone, never mind hang out with in person.  Don't think I'm off my rocker.  They do exist.

4  //  It's okay to refer to them (see no. 3) as my "Blog-friends" at home.  But in public, please refer to them as their real names. 

5  //  Bloglovin is my equivalent of your Car Club Forum.  Get in the know.

6  //  When we ask you to take 27 pictures of us in the same outfit with slightly different poses, don't question us.  Just do it.  And please avoid the angles that give me a double chin. 

7  //  Sometimes we just have to do fun things together because I don't have anything cool to blog about at that moment.  Is that a problem?

8  //  You're a pretty big part of my life.  No, I cannot not mention you on the blog.   

9  //  Yes, both of our moms read my blog.  No, I cannot block them.    

10  //  We appreciate your support.  Blogging may be the weirdest thing to you but it's something we love.  Your kind words and compliments about a post we wrote is worth more than 42 comments from blog-friends and strangers.  

And now Samantha's 10... 

11  //  Your food might be cold by the time you eat it because we have to take 97 different pictures of it for our blog. That's why we have a microwave.

12  //  Your bank account might see an extra dip in it every so often when we just have to have that dress/planner/wine tumbler we saw in a blogger's post today.

13  //  You're going to be blog famous. Just pretend that excites you.

14  //  We might ask you if it's ok to invite blog friends to our wedding. Say yes.

15  //  We're going to start speaking in a language you definitely won't understand - i.e. blate, link-ups, guest posts.

16  //  We will speak about people we've never met like we've known them a lifetime. Learn their names.

17  //  You might be asked to take 36 pictures of us in the same dress more than once. Just smile and do it.

18  //  Yes. We do NEED that pretty & expensive new blog design.

19  //  Your vacations will likely be planned around recommendations from complete strangers. Make sure to get your request in early.

20  //  No, you cannot tell us to exclude you from blog posts. That's part of the wedding vows. 

What would you add to this list?! Be sure to go say hi to Susan. She seriously rocks & you will not be disappointed! Now let's tackle this Monday with an extra smile, why don't we!?!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Put simply: It's Friday.

Another week down and another month basically over. What to the w-h-a-t?!

This weekend will be jam packed with goodness and hopefully starting off with a Jason Aldean concert at Nationals Park tonight - if people stop being overly greedy and asking for double what they paid for their tickets. Not only do I love Jason (despite his cheating scandal), I have a soft spot for seeing him at a baseball park considering that's where we saw him last on the night we got engaged :)

Saturday will be out on the lake with my parents, JC, his parents and my very very best friend! I'm pretty excited Melanie's joining us for the day! But I'm slightly afraid tomorrow is going to be my last time on the lake for the Summer :(

Sunday I'm off to Charlottesville once again. This time for my makeup trial - with my entire family. I mean why wouldn't the entire family come to see me get makeup put on? It's what we do apparently.....

But back to the task at hand...

Meet @ the Barre

Favorite: As of Sunday we only have TWO months until the wedding. This is actually bittersweet. I want the wedding to be here, but I also don't want it to be here because then WHAT WILL I PLAN?!

Favorite: I was off yesterday for a doctor's appointment and instead of laying in bed until some ungodly hour being lazy, I got off the couch and went downstairs to be lazy there. I saw a commercial for a Walk to End Alzheimer's. My Grandfather had Alzheimer's, so it's a cause near and dear to my heart. And now I have officially started a team for a walk on October 18th. Feel free to join if you're in the area or donate if your heart desires! Every donation counts - no matter how big or small! 

Favorite:  We officially have flights to the Bahamas for our honeymoon!

Favorite: Knowing that even though I think it's crazy July is almost over, that means it's almost August which means it's almost time for NASHVILLE.

Favorite: All the wedding related goodies I bought these past couple weeks. Now just need to get the groomsmen gifts - thank god guys are easy!

Favorite: That I get to spend an entire day with my very best friend tomorrow. I know I already mentioned it, but clearly I'm excited!

Not so Favorite: my blogging brain hasn't been turned on lately, so I apologize for the lack of posts these last few weeks. I'll try to get back on track as soon as possible, but I can't promise that it won't all be wedding related because that's basically all that consumes my brain these days.

Favorite: That it's simply Friday. I'm alive and healthy. What else could be better?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A bridal shower straight out of a magazine.

Yep, MIA this week. Oops! That's really because my weekend was all about my bridal shower and I didn't want to share that prior to Wedding Wednesday because....well, then what would I share with you today?

Let's get to it.

My bridal shower was absolutely amazing. My MOH went above and beyond to make sure it was the most perfect event. I am so grateful for her always, but especially these days.

Her mom offered up her gorgeous home to host the party and they both went to town on every last detail imaginable.

I won $2 from that lottery ticket. 

Of course, the guests made it over the top amazing as well. I really am such a lucky girl and am reminded of that constantly during this whole wedding planning process.

My Grandma (who rarely smiles for pictures), me & my mom.
JC's mom & my grandma.
My MOH's mom/hostess & one of my dear friends, Pauline.
Julea (bridesmaid - she's next!), my high school friend Emily & Julea's mom, Betsy.
Katie, her mom - Jean, me & my mom. 
Me & my fabulous MOH with more of the gorgeous decor. 
Megan (another bridesmaid & my oldest friend!) and her mom, Sandra.
Melanie (bridesmaid & ultimate BFF/wing woman), me & my college bestie, Michelle (she's gonna be so excited to be pictured on the blog ;)).
JC's aunt, cousin, grandma & mom. I'm so grateful for my future in-laws & so thankful they have accepted me into their family as one of their own. 
Two of my aunts, my cousin & my Great Aunt.
My former roommate, Katie, Ginny (bridesmaid) & my MOH.
All of my best friends that attended my shower. Do I have gorgeous friends or what?!
The gifts were spectacular! I have some very crafty people in my life!

JC's aunt made this wreath and I made sure to put it on our door as soon as I got home. Too soon?
JC's aunt made this sign. Isn't it awesome!?
Seriously, can you all just comment and tell JC's aunt to start an Etsy shop already?! Also, there are plenty more pictures of my presents, but of course, I'm a terrible blogger who was on her computer plenty last night and forgot to add those to this post. #fail

The games were fun too! We played one game I've never played before, where people had to guess how old I was in different pictures. Even I didn't get some of them right. Heck, even my mom who organized the game got one wrong!

Seriously. It was absolutely the best shower ever. It's insane how quickly the day went by. I swear it felt like it lasted all of 5 minutes. I'm not prepared for all of the other events to go by that quickly. I might cry thinking about.

Katie, thank you for EVERYTHING. You are the most amazing MOH a bride could ask for. I am so thankful for our friendship. Love you!

And thank you to everyone else who attended! Don't worry, your thank you cards were done on Sunday morning. Now I just need stamps. #ihategoingtothepostoffice

NC Belle In Boots
Wedding Wednesday

Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Favorites.

So it's Friday, which is obviously my favorite weekday, so why not link up with Juliette, Allie & Faith again considering today's topic is all about favorites! Five of them to be exact.


1. Favorite snack: Kind bars. Seriously y'all. They are my new favorite. At first I thought I was in love with the Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate ones. But then, the store ran out of those, so I opted for the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. Yes. Just yes.

2. Favorite new product I'm using: Micro-derm Paste from Rodan + Fields. When my friend Megan first started selling this stuff, I was a bit turned off because of the cost. Then, I tried a mini-facial and became more intrigued. Once I got a full facial at the Waldorf last month, the lady told me I needed a good exfoliation 1-2 times a week. So off to R+F I went. I love this stuff and that's saying something because I'm really bad about doing any sort of beauty regimen that isn't within the shower/part of my normal routine. I mean it's only 30-60 seconds, so I promise you can do it and your soft skin will thank you immensely. Oh, and also - I've been using mine for about a month now and have barely skimmed the top, so I'm quite certain that $70 is going to last me for the rest of my life!

*and no I wasn't asked me to post this or paid to say anything nice.

3. Favorite song on repeat: Another Sunday in the South - Miranda Lambert. You guys, her new album is AWESOME. Ok, maybe not the whole album. Some of it is very twangy and a little too old country for me (like 1970s old country), but the other half of it is SO good. I've had this song on repeat for a good month now and I can't get enough. If you know country and really listen, you'll notice that the majority of the lyrics are actually song titles woven together. So creative!

4. Favorite thing to happen this week: My bridal shower. Obviously it hasn't happened yet, but it will happen tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited for it. JC even went so far as to answer a good 30 questions (that even I had a hard time with) from my MOH with a smile on his face. And after, he said "Katie should get a few laughs out of some of my answers" while cracking up at himself. I followed the rules and didn't look, so I'm very interested to see what he wrote down. 

5. Favorite new workout: T25. Yes, you read that right. I hopped back on the workout train a little over a week ago and it's going FANTASTIC. My MOH recently bought T25 and once she finished the Alpha level, she passed along her DVDs to me. I'm happy to report, in just a week I've lost 5.5 inches overall and 5 pounds! Who would have thought only 25 minutes a day could do that?!? I've also made sure to eat extremely clean and guess what!? I'm NOT counting calories. I don't even look at the calorie count anymore. I highly recommend these workouts to anyone - and I mean anyone, there's a modified version of every workout, so really ANYONE can do it. #andnowIsoundlikeasalesperson

What are your favorites this week?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

73 days.

It's time for another listicle Wedding Wednesday. And just a heads up - I think I'm going to start being a little less open about the details. Well, kind of - I doubt I'll be showing any pictures of things I have up my sleeve in the coming months, as I want to be able to show you them when they are incorporated into the actual wedding. I know, so rude. Anyways.....

I had my hair trial this past Sunday. I absolutely love the girl who's doing our hair on the big day! Also, I was happy with the outcome which isn't typical when it comes to me and up-dos. I tend to not say how I really feel because I feel bad wasting anymore of the person's time, so I just suck it up and deal. I promised myself this time that I wouldn't do that and if I wanted to edit, I would say something. And I did. A couple edits later and we had the winning do! Of course, I can't show you a picture. Trust me. It's hurts me just as much as it hurts you.

Passports. We have officially applied!! JC was randomly off last Wednesday and although I had 2 appointments for us yesterday, I called around and found a post office where they had a cancellation that day, so JC was able to go. This way, we didn't have to worry if he didn't have yesterday off - which he didn't. And I got mine done in approximately 5.3 minutes yesterday. Wahoooo!

Flights. I'm pretty dang excited about this one. I've been playing with 2 one-way flights for a few weeks - flying out of Richmond to the Bahamas, since it's closer to Charlottesville and then flying back home into DC (non-stop). Well, for some reason I randomly logged onto my credit card site to look at my rewards options - not having any clue that I can use my points for flights. Well, guess what! I can! With the points I already have between my 2 CCs, I can save us about $300. And it's safe to say, I immediately starting putting any upcoming bills on my CC, so I can pay that instead of paying the bill direct. Anybody got anything I can buy them? Repayment required. Duh.

Bridal Shower. EEEEEK. My bridal shower is SATURDAY!! To say this is coming at the most perfect time would be the understatement of the century. I desperately need this to look forward to and couldn't be happier to have some extended time with my family and best girlfriends. See also: I cannot wait to see what my fabulous MOH has been planning for all these months!!

RSVPs. This has been something I've been equally excited about and dreading all at the same time. Getting RSVPs in the mail is fun! Well, if they are yes', no's aren't that fun. But regardless, it means I'm getting them back. We've officially received over half the RSVPs and they were only just sent 3 weeks ago! We have gotten a couple no's, but all from people I expected to say no - so no biggie there. We've also gotten a couple yes' that I wasn't expecting, so that will be interesting, considering I keep saying "we've invited 140, so I only expect about 115ish". The more the merrier says me, but not our budget.

Favors. One of the favors has been ordered! Another is in the works. This is where I'm going to be super secretive and not show you a picture. 

First fitting. I had that last Thursday! I can honestly say I wasn't AS happy on Thursday as I was the day I chose the dress. I initially had a bunch of details here on why I wasn't super happy, but then I realized I'm basically giving JC information on how my dress looks, so we're going to go ahead and cut that from the record. But let me just say - I'm confident I'll be happy in the end because this lady altering my dress is amazing and I'm really excited to try it on again in mid-August!

Songs. I need to start working on the song list for the reception. What are songs that you absolutely must have played at any wedding you attend? Mine is most definitely Footloose and you better believe there's a note on the sheet that says "play this song when the bride is obviously available to dance". They WILL play it again if that is not the case. I can guarantee you that one. What's your go to request?

Bridesmaid jewelry. Purchased! I may not have found anything for myself on Saturday when I was shopping, but I did check this one off the list and I'm pretty excited about it. Now what the heck will I wear? Need to find at least 2 options before my next fitting, so I can try them on with my dress. Ughhhhh. Why is this so hard?

What else is left? Timeline, buying a garter (or 2 - is that how many you buy? I don't know.), finalizing the ceremony, deciding if I want to go traditional with the music I walk down the aisle to (leaning towards yes at this point), buy mason jars, put together escort tags for mason jars, finish the rest of the crafts, buy one more bridesmaid gift, find shoes, socks & flasks for the groomsmen, have final walk through (August 18th), finish the rest of the printed material (programs, menus, Do Not Disturb hangers) I missing anything!?

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Wedding Wednesday