Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The wedding in numbers.

On Monday, I was doing my daily blog scan and went directly Erin's post since she's first on my bookmarked blogs ;) She did a numbers post, which I've done once before and I thought - perfect for Wedding Wednesday since the wedding is all I think about, but kind of have nothing to say anymore. Make sense?

10 - the number of days until we are MARRIED

3 - the number of days I have left at work as a single gal (counting today) #willthisweekeverend?

2 - the number of things I crossed off my to-do list this past weekend: rehearsal dress (just needs to be altered a bit) & pictures/picture frames (bc I'm just not going to do it)

4 - the number of things left on my to-do list (just need 1 last thing for the groomsmen)

11 - the number of other things I have on my to-do list

44 - the number of welcome bags I need to put together by next Thursday

113 - the number of guests we are now up to & I'm very happy to report the final guest list has been submitted, so no more changes!

1 - the number of mason jar tags I'm short. Go figure.

3 - the number of dinner reservations I made at Atlantis for our honeymoon - Nobu, Mesa Grill & Seafire Steakhouse 

2.6 - the number of pounds I have left to lose to be at my "happy weight"

7.6 - the number of pounds I have to left to lose to be at the perfect weight that I haven't seen since college (can I get there by Monday?!)

382.84 - the amount of money I need to have exactly enough to pay for everything we're contracted to pay right now #weddingbudgetsarehard

88 - the age my Grandpa would be on our wedding day. There's not much I wouldn't do to have him with us on our wedding day to watch me marry the love of my life, dance with me and just share this special time with us. I know he'll be watching down on us and I'm positive I'll think about him 35469807250 times throughout that day. #loveyou

Wedding Wednesday

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Things in which I don't believe. (how's that for grammar?)

Not wearing white after Labor Day. Sorry, I love my white pants and I'm a firm believer that white after Labor Day is perfectly fine. Also, I'm a bride in September, so white is most definitely acceptable right now!

The marriage advice people give all the time of "never go to bed angry". I couldn't disagree with this statement more. Sometimes we need time to calm down, take a deep breath and think about what just went down. We've all had those moments where we say something just because we're mad and then later regret it. If you sleep on it, there is less of a chance of that happening.

Making out in public. Sure a peck here and there is perfectly acceptable. But a full on make out session? I'm gonna go with no. One day I was leaving for work and my neighbors were full on making out in the driveway before 6am. It looked like the girl was maybe moving or something, so I chalked it up to them missing each other. Well 2 days later, the same thing happened. And then just the other day, I was coming home from work and they were doing it all over again in the middle of the parking lot. Get a room - perhaps the one that's yours and about 20 feet from where you're currently standing. #pleaseandthankyou

Being late. I'm sure I've said this once (or seventeen times) on this blog, but I absolutely despise being late. I truly believe that being late is basically saying "my time is more important than your time" and it's just flat out rude. One of my very best friends (and bridesmaids) likes to say "when I say 4, I really mean 4:30". Well then say 4:30 please because otherwise I will be wherever I need to be at 3:55.

Relying on memory. Unless maybe you're one of those rare people with photographic memory (my college self is jealous). It never fails, if say I'm laying in bed thinking about something and say "oh, I'll remember that tomorrow" and then tomorrow comes and all I remember is that I said that - but no clue what I said it about. The note app on my iPhone is my savior - especially when it comes to going out of town. I put everything down to my toothbrush on that list (and still feel like I'm leaving without something).

But what do I believe in?

Kissing each other goodnight.

Wishes, dreams and prayers.

That rainy days curled up on the couch with your love can fix any problem (even if just for that moment).


Indulging in that last piece of cake for breakfast.

Every girl needs at least a few best girlfriends.

It's ok to enjoy weekends when your other half goes out of town.


That 6 miles over the speed limit is always ok - even if you pass a cop.

Babies are fun, as long as you can give them back to their rightful owner.

A little glitter never hurt anyone.

What do you believe in?

Friday, September 12, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things....this week.

It's Friday, which means I only have one more week of work before I'm off for 17 days straight. Now let's just hope the work load picks up a touch next week, so I'm not completely and utterly bored because then the days really seem to drag by at a snail's pace. 

Anyways. Some of my favorites this week include...

...this girl & her beautiful bride self. Julea is one of my very best friends and she tied the knot this past Saturday. Despite being the hottest day of the year (funny how that happens after Labor Day), she remained absolutely gorgeous for the entire day. 

I also got to spend the weekend with my absolute best friends ever, so I certainly cannot complain. 

...the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish. It doesn't require a light and it doesn't chip in 2 days either. My nails tend to chip the very next day, regardless if I pay for a manicure or do it myself, so when I find a polish that works at home and doesn't chip, I'm sold. 

I will say, I thought it would dry faster than it did (I did 3 coats because it was a little streaky) and I had to finish packing up for the weekend out of town, so they got a little messed up soon after I did them. So I'm attributing the first chip on the 4th day to that. I'm really curious to see how long it lasts when I don't paint them 5 seconds before I need to do something. Stay tuned. Because that'll happen never. dinner the past 2 nights. Some Natural PB with a side of cheez-its. I think we might need to go to the grocery store this weekend. Maybe.

...not having a single solid plan this weekend and JC being home. Ok, well I think he'll be home and it'll be the first weekend we've spent together at home in 6 weeks.

...learning that I get to go to a Panthers/Saints NFL game at the end of October and sit in a suite. I also get to spend one night in Asheville, NC which I'm told is considered "the Paris of the South". Very curious about that one. 

...Steph accepting my FB friend request. It's getting serious.  

...knowing that exactly two weeks from now, we'll be in Charlottesville beginning the Best Weekend Ever.

What were some of your favorites this week?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

17 days until the best day ever.

I just don't even know what to write at this point in time. Which makes absolutely no sense because the wedding is officially all I ever think about these days. When I wake up, when I brush my teeth, when I'm answering a work email, when I'm doing T25, when I'm trying desperately to fall asleep. Every single minute of every single day, the wedding consumes my brain.

The to-do list is definitely dwindling as the days move into the teens. THE TEENS. As in sevenTEEN days until the best day ever. 

I finished labeling all of the escort tags. Now I just need to find more lace and then start putting them with the mason jars.

I received the last of the bridal party gifts last week. Unfortunately 2 were incorrect, but fortunately they are sending replacements to arrive in a week.

I bought a garter. Thanks, Mary for the recommendation!

I ordered a potential rehearsal dress that I've had my eye on for months now and finally noticed it was in stock on Sunday morning.

I had my next to last dress fitting last Thursday. The tailor wasn't too pleased to see I'd lost more weight, but thankfully she hadn't sewn the dress back up, so she didn't need to do extra work. Final fitting will be the 22nd and then I have to remain that size for the next 5 days.

Charlotte, my ever so adorable 16 month old flower girl also had to visit the tailor because her dress was way too big! It amazed me how good the tailor was while Charlotte moved every which direction, but the direction you wanted her to move.

Sent out an email to the entire bridal party with just about every last detail they needed to know for the weekend. I'm sure the groomsmen love me right now.

Sent the photographer the must-have photograph list.

Made an appointment for my MOH and I to go get manis/pedis the Thursday before the big day!

Left on the to-do list?

Finish the cornhole boards, table numbers, head table place cards, and Mr. & Mrs. banner. 

Stain the last 3 groomsmen boxes.

Buy everything to stuff the welcome bags with. 

Print pictures/buy picture frames.

Buy liquor for groomsmen. 

Get the marriage license.

Pack for the honeymoon.


Eeek. Only 2 more Wedding Wednesdays before I'm a BRIDE!

Wedding Wednesday

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I walk for my Grandpa.

If you've been around this blog for awhile, you know that my Grandfather passed away in 2005 with Alzheimer's. He's the Grandfather that would be turning 88 on our wedding day. He meant the world to me. And because of that, I have joined the Walk to End Alzheimer's and will be walking with my mom on October 18th in his memory.

I would love it if you could give a dollar or two to this wonderful organization and help find a cure for Alzheimer's. It's a terrible, hideous disease that takes loved ones away, without actually taking them away from you.

Sure, it's great that they are still with you physically, but when they aren't their mentally - it's hard. Really, really hard. When your Grandfather, who you've adored your entire life doesn't know who you are - it's heartbreaking. I would never wish this disease upon anyone or their family.

So please, if you have a couple extra bucks this month, I'd greatly appreciate your help to reach our goal of $500.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

If you knew me in high school..

Believe in the Sparks'd know that my all time favorite teacher ever was my yearbook teacher. I was the Student Life editor my senior year and it was the most fun class ever. I mean, all my best friends were in it with me and we basically just braided each other's hair and our teacher told us how to avoid a hangover when we got to college. Oh and we all perfected her signature, so we could sign our agendas saying she agreed we could do study hall in her class. Don't worry, she knew about it.'d know that I was extremely shy. Well, I still am, but more so than ever. Once my friends started going to parties that the Juniors/Seniors threw, I rarely went out.

...and now that you know that, you'd know I'd never dream of going back to high school. Those most definitely weren't the best days of my life.'d know that my Sophomore year, I was the leading scorer on my Field Hockey team. Field Hockey was the only sport I ever stuck with longer than a year.'d know that I went to the movies once with full intentions of seeing Patch Adams. Before we left, my mom told me "you better see Patch Adams and not Varsity Blues". No big deal, mom! Then, we showed up at the theater to find a big group of our friends who were seeing Varsity Blues and mom's words went right out the same ear they went in just a few minutes earlier. She found out a few weeks later and told me someone she worked with recognized me from a picture she had on her desk and told her. Little did I know, one of my friends who I went with told her mom (because her mom didn't care) and her mom told my mom. #rude'd know I got drunk for the first time off one Smirnoff. #theglorydays'd know that the best friends I have now were also my best friends then.'d know the only time I didn't make Honor Roll was when I was taking 3rd year German and got a D. I never got so much as C, so needless to say my parents were pretty disappointed (the worst!) when that grade showed up on my report card.'d know graduation day was the worst day of my life. I went to a graduation party the night before and brought my trusty water bottle filled with Bowman's Vodka (distilled right in good ole Fredericksburg). I proceeded to forget it wasn't actually water, got completely wasted, passed out outside and woke up to a million and one bug bites (many of which were on my face) along with the worst hangover of my life. I spent part of my graduation party in our spare bedroom dying, while my mom was secretly furious with me. Then, as we walked out of graduation, the families lined the hallways and I heard this one girl go "ew mom, what's wrong with her face?!" (the bug bites). I went straight to my car, ready to go home and right to bed, only to be stuck in the middle of a million cars because they parked us in the most idiotic way. So I just sat there and cried while the most horrendous thunderstorm happened outside of my car.'d know that one time I hated my 11th grade English teacher so much, I was dreaming of the last day of school the first week of junior year. Then, you'd know that I chose to take his AP English class senior year because he actually taught me something junior year and I wanted to learn more.'d know that I only had 2 boyfriends, both in 9th grade.'d know that I got asked to prom my sophomore year by a guy who was friends with my best friends' dates. We did not speak one word to each other the entire night. Not one single word.'d know that my junior year, I didn't go to prom. Instead, my mom and I went on a shopping trip down in Virginia Beach and spent 6 hours in the Everything, But Water store trying on bathing suits. Then my Grandpa graciously paid for us to stay in a hotel at the beach. #hewasthebest'd know that I loved wearing sweatpants to school.'d know that most afternoons Junior/Senior year were spent in the Taco Bell parking lot eating a 2 taco kid's meal with my best friend, Melanie. And you'd also know why I spent the last half of senior year losing 20 lbs on Weight Watchers.'d know that I almost chose to go to Christopher Newport University down in Virginia Beach simply because they allowed microwaves in their dorm rooms. But now you know I chose JMU instead and hid a microwave in a a little compartment with a door on it until Thanksgiving break when my RA found it.

What would we know about you, if we knew you in high school?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Everything is half done.

When I said I was going to cross things off the list last week, I wasn't kidding! Labor Day Weekend was full of relaxation, but also full of DIYing to it's fullest...or to it's half fullest. 

Seriously people. I'm so thankful the fiance was at the lake for the weekend because it allowed me to leave the living room in complete chaos each night, instead of cleaning up before bed and then redisasterizing (that's totally a word) it all over again the next day.

I can safely say that table numbers are practically done - just a few glitter touch ups to be made and one more 1 to buy because somehow we are short one. But don't worry, we have an S in case we need an extra 2....thanks, mom. 

The escort tags are half finished. And boy am I thankful I didn't finish them. I wrote the names on all of them, but I didn't put table numbers down yet because I hadn't seen the final layout and wasn't sure if anything would change. And guess what? Things got moved around yesterday morning. But, I can happily say the table layout is DONE and I can actually show you it, since it doesn't give away anything that anyone remotely cares about. Exciting, huh?

I opted for a mixture of round tables and farm tables because some of our tables have 10 people and some have 6. The 10 top just really couldn't be avoided and the 6 toppers made so much more sense. And obviously people were going to look at our table setup and say "why does that one round table have 10 seats and that other one only have 6?".

Half the groomsmen boxes are stained. Only half because the 3 additional ones my mom bought were a different size and while I planned to just go with it, I realized there was no way the gifts were gonna fit inside them, so I need to find 3 more that will work. #fingerscrossed

Lace is becoming my least favorite thing on earth. I'm using it with the mason jars and I just can't seem to buy enough. 

Mr & Mrs. banner was spray painted in glitter. Although I've yet to walk my butt downstairs and look at the finished product to see if it is in fact to keep with theme, I'm sure it's only half done. 

Cornhole boards. Another half done project. All I have left is to draw a heart on one board, but then I have a whole other board to do. And let me tell you - I am no artist, so not only is this hard, but it takes a lot of time and patience. Patience has never been my strong suit. See also: I'm a perfectionist. 

I also used some of my Victoria Secret's gift card to buy myself half a bathing suit. Go figure, they had an adorable white lace top and no matching bottom. 

I sent off the final DJ info yesterday. All the way done. How do you like them apples?

I guess in 23 days it'll all be done, right?

Wedding Wednesday